dry genset silencers

Dry genset silencers are an essential part of the total noise and vibration experience on any superyacht. Basically even the most essential part. Lowering the acoustic energy at the most disturbing frequencies as soon as possible after the engine is key. Nowadays the yacht genset exhaust systems may contain a wide variety of elements like for example box type SCR systems and DPF filters, oxy catalysts and heat exchangers that all have their good and bad influence on the noise and vibration levels. Built-in. Not built-in. Waterinjectors and seperators. Where do we locate al those items? How do we combine this with the silencers? Our engineers have the broadest experience in all facets of your exhaust system. From 20MW power tot the smallest genset silencers as on the picture. Contact us here for the very best advise on your genset exhausts!

July 2021