Exhaust and noise knowhow

Our exhaust and noise knowhow is the main driver of our company. Since 1934 we visit the broadest range of sites, installations and applications and we advise the broadest range of international clients. This has resulted in the best technical knowhow that is until today constantly evolving. Engine intake and exhaust systems, engine aftertreatment systems, blow off systems, large building ventilors, cogeneration and compressed air technology like this water project picture example. After our noise measurements, this water treatment installation in Groningen in the Netherlands has been equiped with some pressurised blower outlet silencers which resulted in a short but clear ‘We hear nothing anymore!’ All this knowhow together with our marine and yacht experience is bundled in the engineering of your yacht exhaust system! Not to speak about the interesting and photogenic sites that we visit. We just love our jobs!

August 2019