Emission control

Noise reduction is one of our specialties, combining it with the reduction of emissions is another one. Where for land applications, systems for emmision control are quite common for many years – TIO engineered and supplied hundreds of exhaust systems until 10000kW per engine where SCR systems are integrated since the early years 2000 – the latest years the marine industry follows. In 2016 the IMO Tier III regulations entered into force which, together with the ECA zoning and EPA regulations, will have huge effects in the marine and yacht market.

TIO Yacht Exhaust Systems does not supply TIO emission control technology for the marine and yacht market. This field of technology requires very special skills and know-how, not only regarding the chemical processes but also regarding flow aspects, measuring and control. Therefore TIO Yacht Exhaust Systems has established very tight cooperations with the global top suppliers of emission control technology and products. We not only manufacture filter, catalyst or SCR housings, but we also design and manufacture custom ‘combined clean solutions’ including the emission control equipment itself, loose or built-in, including 100% supplier support, warranty and TIER III certification. Freedom of choice with freedom in design, resulting in the best fit solution with worlds best quality.