generator exhaust water seperator

When you use a waterinjected generator exhaust system, in most cases an exhaust water seperator is wanted. The design of such a unit is a critical matter. At first you need enough water injected to get the exhaust gasses cooled back to around 70C in worst case tropical circumstances. Gasses that may reach temperatures of even 600C. You want most part of this water out of the exhaust system after the seperator. Without too much back pressure. It would be nice if there is little or no steam generated. It’ s not a steam yacht in the end. Oh yes, can it also reduce the noise a bit please! Our wet exhaust specialists design the very best water seperator and wet exhaust systems for your superyacht project. Not only for generator exhausts, but also for your propulsion exhaust system. On the pic you see the recenty supplied generator exhaust water seperator units type WSA. Manufactured in high grade stainless steel with a beautiful glass pearl blasted matted finish. Contact our engineers if you have a requirement!

February 2024