Main engine exhaust kits

Almost ready for transport: two yacht exhaust system kits for the famous yellow mainengines of this great superyacht. This European...

The official start!

While yet some months in official operation, we are now very proud to officially present TIO Yacht Exhaust Systems BV to the world.

Refit job

In cooperation with one of our naval engineering partners TIO yacht exhaust systems completed an almost full exhaust system refit for the main engines of a beautiful 70+ meter yacht.

Made in Holland

A picture taken in the painthall: two special compact DAD exhaust silencers for the marine market.

The Spanish job

In cooperation with one of our Dutch based diesel engine partners we supplied the new main engine exhaustsilencers for this superb 40+ superyacht.

TIER III perils

The last month of 2015 and january 2016 were very busy with TIER III perils. For two seperate clients, for...