Stainless steel exhausts

We supply a whole LOT of stainless steel exhausts.  And all these parts need to be cleaned by any means.  A year ago we decided to transform our pickling area into a glass blast installation for environmental reasons. If typically required by clients we still supply pickling and passivation treatments, but these are outsourced. The glass pearl or bead blasting is the process of removing surface deposits by applying very fine glass beads at a high pressure. Our very large blast room, for stainless steels only, has space for items of around 3500 x 13000mm and is therewith very versatile. By using ultra fine glass beads, or pearls, the stainless steel surfaces get cleaned thoroughly and a beautiful satin finish is created. And, no excessive acids are used! On the pic you see the final treats on the stainless steel manifolds for a very special 52 meters Dutch new built project. A full exhaust system supply. Contact us here; we are open do design your new exhaust system and to blast your stainless steel products! They deserve that beautiful satin finish!

June 2022