We love Italy! Thus we are extra happy to announce a new TIO sales member in Italy! Next week on the 10th of July our new TIO & Yacht Exhaust Systems account manager Michael Roode will start his job. After a short introduction period in our office in the Netherlands he will go back to his home office in Voghera, Italy, from where he will be our account manager for Italy and southern Europe. Michael has over 10 years experience in international sales and in noise control in energy and marine markets. Michael speaks fluent Italian and English. With an office and account manager present in Italy we want to expand activities, we can provide quicker responses, we can communicate in the Italian language and we can visit prospects, clients and projects more easily and more often. A short introducton tour and client visits are planned right after the summerholidays by the end of August or beginning of September. We will keep you informed when traveldates are final. You can Link here with Michael! Enjoy your summerholidays!

July 2023