stainless steel

We design and manufacture a continous flow of stainless steel exhausts and silencers for the broadest range of clients. A whole lot of them for yacht wet exhaust systems. But another whole lot of them for the broadest range of applications like biogas applications, large fan silencers for production hall ventilation systems, pressurised blow off silencers, steam heater and boilers exhausts, freezing applications and of course for the cold gas engine exhausts with heatexchangers for co- and trigeneration systems. As broad as the applications is also the range of stainless steels. Based on the utmost important client data input and client operating details we design the best -both technical and commercial- material. All stainless steel parts are in the end cleaned and glass bead blasted in our ‘white’ room like the above silencer blasting in process!

May 2023